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Cycling is an ideal way to explore the beauty of nature; a good exercise to stay healthy; and a sustainable means to minimise carbon footprint. With numerous types of bicycles available out there, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Above all aspects, the first step is to take into account your needs and the type of cycling you plan to do. In this article, we will recommend some of the different types of bicycles to help you embark on an enjoyable two-wheel journey.

1. Commuter Bicycle/Hybrid Bicycle

A commuter or hybrid bicycle is the perfect option if you are someone who likes casual, leisure rides around town. Designed for comfort and practicality, these bicycles come with features such as larger tires for better stability, and a more upright riding position. All of these help to minimise strain on your back and neck. Hybrid bicycles are also an excellent option for individuals who are new to cycling or only ride occasionally. Known for their versatility, these bicycles are well-suited for riding on both paved and unpaved roads.

2. Mountain Bicycles

Whether you are opting for bicycle rental or buying a new bicycle, as long as you enjoy the thrill of off-road cycling, a mountain bicycle is always the right fit. Off-road cycling is typically accompanied by rough terrain and the suspension systems of mountain bicycles can help to absorb shock and provide a smoother ride. In addition, these bicycles are also equipped with rugged frames and wide tires with deep treads, which improve balance and comfort even when riding on uneven surfaces. While people may often perceive basic models to be worn down, or lack advanced features and functionalities, Coastline Leisure ensures their product offerings evolve from traditional bicycle rentals at the park to modern, premium bikes. Our bikes come with parts and specifications that can ensure riders to enjoy their two-wheel experience, even on gravelled roads.

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3. Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed for speed and efficiency, making them an ideal option for rides on paved roads or bike paths. Available in a wide array of styles, road bikes are equipped with lightweight frames and narrow tires that reduce rolling resistance. If you’re looking for a bicycle for fitness and training purposes, seek recommendations from any bicycle workshop on a suitable  road bike that will meet your needs. For instance, endurance bikes are good for long-distance rides; racing bikes are known for their speed and performance.

4. Folding Bicycles

If you frequently find yourself struggling with limited storage space or need to transport your bike on public transportation or in the trunk of your car, a folding bicycle could be the solution. Designed to fold up into a compact size, folding bicycles are convenient to store and transport. They are ideal for leisurely rides or short commutes, even if they may not be as fast or efficient as other types of bicycles. Operating a number of bicycle shops in East Coast and other locations across the island, Coastline Leisure provides bicycle rental service, with the availability of different types of bicycles, including folding bicycles.

Folding Bicycles-bicycle shop east coast

5. Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles feature an electric motor that assists with pedalling, making them a great choice for long commutes or hilly terrain. They also come in a variety of styles, such as road bikes, hybrid bicycles, and mountain bikes. If you’re looking for an alternative to driving or taking public transport, electric bicycles can be a great investment if you plan on using them regularly.

When choosing a bicycle, it’s essential to consider your individual needs to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist, there is always a bicycle out there for you. Take some time to research different styles of bicycles and consult with a knowledgeable salesperson or cycling expert for useful advice. It is even better if you can try out the bicycles for yourself to make sure that it truly meets your specific cycling requirements. With the right bicycle, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that cycling has to offer.

Coastline Leisure provides rental services for different types of bicycles such as tricycles, mountain bikes, and family bicycles, as well as bicycle repair services at East Coast Park and other locations. We are always ready to offer the best possible solution to address your bike needs. Call us now to find out more.

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