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BicycleWorks, a division of Coastline Leisure, is a well-established and reliable bicycle repair shop in Singapore. Our extensive inventory includes a diverse range of bicycle spare parts, accessories and we provide services such as installation, maintenance and assembly for all types of bikes.

installation and repair of bicycle spare parts

We also repair bikes by installing spare parts that can be bought from our shop. Should you need your bike to be repaired, you may buy the needed spare parts from our shop

bicycle repair parts

It is crucial to have regular bike servicing in Singapore if you consider cycling as your hobby. Travel the miles with a well-tuned and properly kept bicycle with Coastline Leisure’s bike servicing today!

A man repairing bicycle

Avoid the hassle of assembling your newly bought bike on your own. Coastline Leisure offers a reliable out of box bicycle assembling service so you can cycle home with your new bike upon purchase.

pick up and delivery service

Transporting your bikes to the shop can be inconvenient or time consuming. Our bicycle pick-up and delivery service makes it easier than ever to keep your your bike in good condition without the hassle of having to transport it on your own.

A Day With Our Mechanic

Thumbnail image of a video on a day with coastline leisure mechanic

Reviews For Our Bicycle Repairs

JJ is very professional and he explained to me how to handle the gears and maintain my road bike. Servicing is excellent. Old bike in new bike out. 😊
Shi Yong
Provides excellent service and has a deep understanding of bicycle issues. Patiently listens to and addresses our bicycle-related concerns.
Anthony Lee
Received excellent and friendly service from JJ and the uncle. They replaced my plastic pedals with very nice chrome metal pedals and serviced all three of our bikes at an affordable price.
Husna Ahmad Sany
The mechanics are really helpful, and helped to fix up my bike all good! Thumbs up to the team ~
Shamyn Chan
Went there to change brake cable and tube, price is cheap. He also helps to oil/lubricants others part of bicycle.
Cheeseng Choong
Very efficient and well done! Tony is professional in his work. Left no stones unturned! Will definitely come back!
Ong Wei Hao Andrew
Bike Stop Services at SAFRA Punggol for Repair and Maintenance of personal own bicycle and E-bike highly recommended. Good and Excellent Service by Bike Shop (JJ). Prices are also competitive for value quality bikes spare parts.
Michael Ng
Image of bicycle spare parts

Unleash your inner explorer and embark on a two-wheeled journey with us.

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