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Nowadays, more parents are realising the importance of a beneficial hobby in supporting their kids’ development process. With this in mind, cycling has been regarded as one of the ideal activities for children. More than just a hobby, it is also a form of exercise that boosts children’s positive mental attitude and physical fitness. Before embarking your little ones on their two-wheel journey, it is recommended to hire a cycling coach, ensuring a fun and safe cycling experience. A cycling coach refers to an individual who has the ability to bring out your kids’ full cycling potential, while keeping them safe at the same time. A little guidance can go a long way toward helping your children achieve their cycling milestones. This article will share some factors to consider before engaging a cycling coach.

1. Experience

Besides deciding between bicycle rental and purchase, choosing a cycling coach for your kids is equally vital. The first factor to consider is the experience of a cycling coach. Awards and accreditations are the basic merits, indicators of how reliable the coach is. Most importantly, find out if the coach worked with kids before and the duration they have been doing so. A good coach should be able to explain ideas clearly, ensuring effective communication with kids. Furthermore, they should also know how to acknowledge a kid’s success. 

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2. Patience

Before hiring a cycling coach for your kids, you should also determine if the coach knows how to address failures among young children. No doubt, even the most easy going child may get frustrated with a sport or other activity, including cycling. A patient cycling coach should be there to lend a compassionate ear to young learners who face temporary failures. They should be able to comfort and encourage them to continue learning, despite little mishaps. In addition, good coaches are agile enough to modify their training plan based on your child’s feedback and progression. Now, your little ones are all set to ride a bicycle. But before that, make sure you have sent their bicycle for regular checking at any bicycle workshop.

Patience-cycling coaching-bicycle rental in Singapore3. Integrity

When it comes to integrity, consider this: “is the coach a safe person?”. Apart from qualification and positive attitudes, integrity is also another key factor to consider when choosing a cycling coach for your kids. Trust between learners and coaches is paramount and vital for successful coaching. “Safe” coaches refer to those with integrity who are able to clearly state a code of conduct up front and adhere to it. On top of that, a good coach with morality and integrity also gives parents greater peace of mind, knowing that their precious ones will always be in safe hands. Once your child has mastered the art of cycling, fun quality time can be spent with them such as renting a family bicycle for a scenic ride in East Coast Park.

All in all, riding a bike requires basic skills and endurance. A qualified, reliable and responsible coach helps to motivate, inspire and stretch your child’s cycling ability to the limit.

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