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With the wide variety of bicycles available, choosing the right bike for your children can be challenging. Not only must you consider balance, components and other aspects, you should also ensure your child feels comfortable riding their bicycle. The best way is to have them test out the bicycle in person. To help you make a more informed decision, we have compiled a list of factors to look out for in the selection process.

1. The bicycle size

Bicycle sizes for adults and children differ, with the wheel diameters, seatpost heights and other factors varying to a significant extent. First things first, gauge a suitable wheel size based on your child’s age range and height. Next, it is important to measure their height and inseam (the distance between the crotch and ankle bones, or the length of the inner leg seam) for a balanced bicycle. Make sure the minimum seatpost height is lower than your child’s inseam length to enable them to stably place their feet flat on the ground. Meanwhile, different bikes come with their own stand-over heights and min/max seatpost heights. With regards to bicycle weight, it should not be over 30% of your child’s weight. Also, evaluate the bicycle specs before purchasing. These tips apply to bicycle rentals as well.

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2. Stabilisers

Stabilisers are additional wheels mounted parallel to a bicycle’s rear wheel to help beginners. When they are equipped, kids can easily learn to pedal on a regular bicycle. Guiding your children while cycling is also made convenient, eliminating the need to consistently hold the bike saddle. With that being said, bear in mind that stabilisers may not help to build the ability to balance as they are only meant to keep the bike upright, like a crutch. Unless removed, children will still rely on stabilisers to keep themselves balanced, which may prolong the learning process. Still unsure of whether to use a stabiliser? Do not hesitate to seek professional advice from repair bicycle shops if you need more clarification.

3. Types of safety gears 

Specific types of safety gears may be required for certain bicycles. To ensure your child’s safety while cycling, make sure to prepare a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other safety equipment for them. 

  • Helmet

Even if it is not mandated, buying a child’s helmet is strongly recommended. Should falling, slipping and any other accidents occur, a helmet helps to protect the child’s head against injury, or worse, concussion

  • Elbow/knee pads

In addition, elbow/ knee pads can be equipped to prevent your children from hurting these sensitive areas when they are cycling. These protective items also boost your child’s confidence while cycling, knowing they are well protected even if they fall. Meanwhile, if you are an outdoor lover and would like to spend quality time with your family, cycling makes for the perfect leisure activity. Visit Coastline Leisure to rent a family bicycle at East Coast Park.

  • Other equipment

If necessary, mount bike lights and reflectors on your child’s bicycle to improve visibility. In case of danger, your child must be able to make themselves noticed. A bell can be mounted on your child’s bike to alert pedestrians of their presence. 

In a nutshell, the process of choosing a bicycle for children should be taken seriously. We hope the aforementioned factors can help you to select a suitable bicycle, better preparing your child for their first rides.  

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