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Roller blading is a great form of exercise that helps you to keep fit while having fun at the same time. Nonetheless, first-time roller bladers may tend to make some mistakes as they still lack experience and skills. Once they are able to address these issues and get the basics right, the activity becomes easy to learn. Here are some of the common mistakes first-time roller bladers should avoid:

1. Getting the wrong size of roller blades

Due to a lack of roller blading experience, first-timers may select the wrong size of roller blades. In fact, choosing roller blades that are too big is a common occurrence among beginners. Here’s what happens when your roller blades are too big.

  • Slipping back and forthWhen opting for roller blade rental, choosing roller blades that are too big for your feet creates excessive, unnecessary space. This will cause your feet to slip back and forth, making it difficult to even stand or balance, let alone moving around in them.
  • Lack of support on your feetAnother common issue caused by roller blades that are too big is the lack of foot support, which creases the roller blades. As a result, the shape becomes distorted, no longer providing a flat and firm surface for your feet to rest on.

To avoid any injuries, it is best to select a pair of roller blades that fit just right. The right roller blades should feel snug and comfortable once you have tightened them properly.

2. Learning to roller blade by yourself

With the abundance of recreational parks in Singapore, enjoying different sports activities including jogging, skateboarding and cycling is made possible. You can even take in the beautiful view of east coast park on a family bicycle! For roller blading enthusiasts, finding recreational parks with a smooth, flat terrain to roller blade on is not a cause for concern. But first things first, can roller blading really be self-taught? Ideally, we recommend having a guide for your first time. Roller blading can be a rather tricky sport, which may result in nasty falls especially if you lack the skills. Therefore, do consider joining roller blading lessons! The guidance provided by professional instructors allows you to learn and excel at your own pace. Furthermore, a variety of course levels ranging from basic to advanced is available. Most importantly, you will be in safe hands at all times and be equipped with quality protective gear.

Kids learning roller blades at east coast park Singapore

3. Not wearing proper protective gears

Never underestimate the use of proper protective gears. They should be donned as a full set including knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and helmets. Roller blading outdoors not only exposes you to unpredictable ground surfaces, but also carries some unexpected risks, for instance, traffic, passerby, hills and others. Besides looking for quality roller blade rental, you should also gear up correctly to protect yourself from injuries.

Here are the necessary proper protective gears to go for:

  • Wrist guardsWrist guards protect you from wrist fractures, sprains and broken bones. You may choose from two main kinds of wrist guards:
    1. Wrap wrists guardsThese wrist guards wrap around your hand and wrist. It contains rigid support and secures your hand and wrist with straps.
    2. Slip-on wrist guardsAs the name implies, these wrist guards slip over your hand to provide rigid support. It looks similar to a fingerless glove.
  • HelmetsFrom cycling to roller blading and a myriad of other sports, helmets are an essential safety gear that should not be overlooked. They protect your head from cuts, concussions and serious brain injury. Should you choose to rent equipment from our bicycle shop at East Coast, rest assured that we always provide helmets as well. Read on for tips to choose a suitable helmet:(i) Get a helmet that sits low on your forehead and flat on the top of the head.(ii) The straps should form a ‘Y’ shape and connect just under your ears.(iii) To get an accurate measurement for helmet size, wrap your head around with a soft tape.

    (iv) The tape should be tight against the skin but should not be too compressed at the same time.

  • Elbow and knee padsYour knees and elbows are more prone to injury when you fall. Elbows and knee pads play a significant role in protecting you, minimising bruises, scabs and scrapes. In general, elbow and knee pads are made from a soft sleeve. They come with padded straps and a hard outer shell.

All in all, first-time roller bladers should avoid the aforementioned mistakes for a more seamless journey towards becoming an expert. It is important to spend some time exploring solutions and guidelines to tackle these common mishaps.

At Coastline Leisure, we always prioritise the safety and comfort of our clients. Call us today to embark on a fun journey with our bicycles and roller blades!

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