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Planning to carry out some fun activities for the upcoming holidays? Consider cycling around town for an adventure exploration! As bike renting services continue to grow in prominence, cycling enthusiasts can now get their bike riding fix conveniently and cost effectively. With a wide range of bicycles available for renting, consider these factors of renting an ideal bicycle from bicycle rental service providers before embarking on your exciting journey!

1. Type of bicycle

Bicycles vary in design, size and colour. Picking the right one ensures a fun and safe cycling journey. Some common types of bicycles include:

  • Mountain bikesThe most widely used type of bicycle, mountain bikes, are constructed much differently from the typical ones. They are often equipped with suspension on the frame and fork, more powerful brakes and larger knobby tires, among others. Designed for traversing forests and rougher terrains, mountain bikes are suitable for adventurous riders who enjoy a challenge without the need for speed. Enduro, downhill, XC, trail and all-mountain are some examples of popular mountain bikes.
  • TricyclesAlso known as trikes, tricycles have three wheels and are often ridden by children and senior citizens who lack good riding skills. Due to their practicality and spacious cargo area featured in the back, these bikes can also be used to carry loads in industrial and warehouse industries.
  • Tandem bikesTandem bikes are great for dual riders. The two riders need not apply the same power while riding on a tandem bike, even though both cranksets are connected to a chain and rotate simultaneously. Opt for this bicycle at a bicycle rental at east coast park if you are looking to spend quality time with your loved ones.Black Tandem Bike for rent in Coastline Leisure
  • City bikesDo the city streets entice you? If so, then city bikes are your go-to option. Usually equipped with a rear rack, lights, a bicycle stand, fenders, and a chain guard, city bikes can also be used on hard-packed forest roads. There are up to 72 gears equipped for city bikes.
  • Road bikesRoad bikes, the most specialised type of bicycle, are designed for riding on tarmac. Road bikes enable you to embark on longer journeys and enjoy more breathtaking views. Aluminium or carbon is usually used to build the frames. Depending on their purposes, recreational road bikes come with aluminium frames, while racing ones typically feature carbon frames. As a result of its low weight, road bikes offer high speed and an aerodynamic riding position. Other subcategories of road bikes include Cyclocross (CX) bikes, Gravel/Adventure bikes and Triathlon/TT bikes, to name a few.

2. Accessories

Before renting a bicycle, you may also want to consider whether accessories are complemented with the bicycle rental package selected. Some bike rental companies offer free use of basic riding accessories, including knee pads, gloves and helmets. There are also other professional riding equipment available for add-ons as well, such as reflectors, cycling luggage, handles and guards. Should this not be the case, then you may need to get your own from bike accessories shops.

3. User’s lifestyle

Prior to bicycle renting, the selection of bicycles is also very much dependent on the rider’s lifestyle. In other words, a rider’s personality determines the type of bicycle that suits him/her the best. If you are a laid-back, causal rider, you may want to go for a hybrid bike as it offers a comfy riding position, along with fast-rolling wheels and a lighter frame. Meanwhile, mountain bikes are perfect for those who love to push against limits and explore roads less travelled. For wanderlust riders, you may find touring bikes an ideal choice due to their versatility, from simple commuting to continent-crossing adventures.

4. Price

The type of bicycle, whether it is basic, intermediary or premium, may contribute to the rental price. Price range can also vary based on the bicycle’s purpose. Some educational institutions or corporations may rent a number of bicycles to hold sports or cycling events. In addition, the rental fees may be higher should you add on complementary premium riding accessories or other features. Regardless of the rental fees incurred, renting bicycles is a better option if you do not wish to purchase one from bicycle shops.

By taking the aforementioned factors into consideration, renting a suitable bicycle should save you some hassle. Your personal needs and comfort should always come first before the features of a bicycle.

Coastline Leisure provides bicycle rental and bicycle repair services. Our team is formed by  experienced riders and mechanics. Contact us today for safe and enjoyable bike rides!


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