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Instructor Teaching Biking 2 Girl Biker with Certificate of Completion

  • Individual

    • We conduct Learner Bicycle Workshops for children. Our Instructors are well-trained, professional and very effective in teaching your children to cycle.
    • Our Company provides special learner bikes designed specifically to ease the process of learning how to cycle. As cycling involves complex hand, feet and eye co-ordination and the tricky process of distributing equal amount of weight balance on a bicycle, our specially designed learner bicycles are produced to allow learners to learn step-by-step effectively.
    • With our learner bikes and the careful and meticulous guidance of our instructors, children are able to cycle on their own as fast as 30 minutes into a workshop session!

Learn To Cycle Poster


  • Schools

    • Coastline Leisure is happy to provide an engaging and interactive programme to cater to the changing needs of the schools to help teachers teach less and pupils learn more. It is also in line with the Primary School Syllabus set by the Ministry of Education. This fun and engaging experience we provide are specially targeted at school children aged 5 years and above.For convenience, payment can be made by IFAAS or GIRO

Little Children Biking Children Biking 3

Children Biking 2